Echizen Daibutsu

Dinosaur-sized Buddha statue will leave you speechless

Calm your mind

Located at the foothills of Mt. Hakusan, the Echizen Daibutsu is 17 meters tall, and watches over its home Katsuyama City.  Although not visited as much as other “giant Buddhas,” the absence of large crowds adds to the feeling of zen one can experience while walking around the enormous complex.  In the serenity of the main hall, visitors feel the quiet aura of the giant Buddha, flanked by nearly 1300 smaller Buddha statues set along the walls.

Many of the smaller Buddha statues have “friendly” expressions that are quite uncommon in Japanese temples.  “No two are alike” – so visitors might find one that looks similar to themselves.

Let your spirit soar

Nearby, a five-storied pagoda rises 75 meters tall, giving visitors a panoramic view of Katsuyama, the Katsuyama Castle museum, and the surrounding mountains.  The pagoda closes at 16:30, so plan your visit accordingly.

This little-known gem is only a short, 10 minute bus ride from Katsuyama Station.  Morning is the quietest time, but later visits will have better light conditions for photographs.  Be sure to include Echizen Daibutsu on your “tour of zen” in Fukui.