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Hands-on fun and delicious experience!


Starland Sakadani

Set on a plateau overlooking the Ono Basin, “Starland Sakadani” in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, is the perfect place to try making soba noodles with some of Japan’s finest and freshly-harvested buckwheat!  Here, visitors learn about Japanese cuisine culture as they try this fun and challenging food-making experience.


After washing their hands and putting aprons on, participants enjoy a short, informative lesson on buckwheat.   They will learn about the harvest and different stages of the milling process, as well as a breakdown of the health benefits of buckwheat, all while being able to inspect the buckwheat in its various stages first hand.

Game on!

Then it’s time to split into teams because it’s competition time!  Technique, timing, teamwork are important for success.  Each step can be more difficult than it appears when the instructor demonstrates, but it’s not too hard to pick it up.

Many different skills are required: mixing, kneading, rolling, folding, cutting – all done in the spirit of competition.  But win or lose, it’s a lot of fun – plus both the “winners” and “losers” get to eat delicious soba noodles at the end!

Under the careful watch of the instructor, participants work in groups to go from buckwheat flour to raw soba.  Sifting for smoothness, mixing in wheat flour, adding water gradually, using “cat claw” technique to create ‘beads’ of soba.  Participants will notice the delicious aroma of the buckwheat waft into the air, and see a slight color change as they mix.

Next, combining all the ‘beads’ together into one lump, and using core-strength to knead the buckwheat until it becomes smooth and has a sheen.  Then, the real challenge begins!  Using a long rolling pin, the kneaded buckwheat must be repeatedly rolled until it is the correct thickness and shape.

One of the most challenging steps is cutting.  After the buckwheat has been carefully folded, it is ready for cutting into ready-to-cook noodles.  Using a special knife, participants will learn the technique for making thin, uniform-sized noodles.

At this point it’s time to clean up and relax as the staff cooks your noodles for you.  Finish your experience by eating your delicious Fukui buckwheat soba noodles!  This is sure to be a memorable experience for all!

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