Katsu-Don -Fukui local Food-

All over Japan, you can find katsudon, a dish in which thick pork cutlets are served on a bowl of rice and topped with egg.  But here, we serve it without the egg, but instead, we fry the thin cutlets and dip in a sauce.  The crisp, pork cutlets and sweet sauce create a harmony of flavor that makes your heart sing!  It’s so addictive!

And in Ono City, we have a popular “soy sauce katsudon” that uses locally produced soy sauce.  (Click here to learn more soy sauce factory tours!)  Combined with grated radish, the soy sauce makes a wonderful taste that while a bit high in the calories, goes down easy – and it’s healthy!

They say the first bite is the best, but every bite of this tasty dish is equally delicious and satisfying!  It’s no wonder you will often find customers lined up outside before the shop opens – happy to wait in the rain or snow just for the chance to sink their teeth into this delectable delight!