A must-visit location for parents of dinosaur-loving children!


Fukui Prefecture is the center of Japan’s dinosaur research, and home to Japan’s most famous excavation site!  It’s also the location of the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum - recognizable by its large silver egg-shape - a museum that holds the most exciting dinosaur exhibits, displays and adventure for dinosaur fans of all ages!


After entering the museum, visitors can descend a long escalator to the exhibit areas.  Excitement levels rise the further down you go, building even more as you traverse a dimly lit tunnel that leads to the main exhibition area.  That excitement comes to a peak when you reach the Dinosaur World exhibition, where a life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex “greets” visitors.  There are skeletons of over 40 dinosaurs including the locally discovered Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus.


Visitors can also approach the museum from the entrance level, or the third floor and work their way down.  You will find a special exhibit hall, movie theater and the Dino Library.  This museum is dedicated to dinosaur research and education, providing exciting and interesting information for dinosaur devotees.


On the second floor, you will find the Dino Lab, where visitors can touch some real fossils.  At the Fossil Preparation Lab, visitors can observe technicians as they prepare fossils unearthed at nearby excavation sites. You can also take in the entire first floor level from the second floor’s vantage point.


The over 700,000 annual visitors can enjoy special exhibitions usually held from July to October, a dinosaur-themed restaurant and souvenir shop located on the third floor, and can also participate in excavation experiences from spring to autumn available as an optional tour.  The museum even has plans for a large expansion in the near future