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Weeping cherry blossoms standing in a tangible cultural property “Kagetsuro”

The cherry tree at Kagetsuro is a weeping cherry tree that is over 100 years old. When you look up from below as they sway in the spring breeze, you will be fascinated by the historical dignity and elegance.

The building behind this weeping cherry tree is Kagetsuro , which was built in 1897.

Registered as a national tangible cultural property, you can feel the history. When you look at the set of buildings and weeping cherry trees, you’ll feel like you’ve slipped back in time to the Meiji era.

The first floor is a restaurant that is open from 11:00 to 14:00, where you can enjoy Fukui’s local cuisine and culture.

[Parking] There is a free parking lot in the Machinaka parking lot (next to Akiyoshi along Honcho-dori). 11 minutes walk from Katsuyama station.