Digging for Dinosaurs at Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest!

Grab your hammer!  Grab your chisel!  And don’t forget your goggles and gloves!  It’s time to chip away at layers of rock millions of years old and find fossils, the remnants of plants, dinosaurs and other ancient creatures.  Let’s dig for dinosaurs!

Banging away at the rock is easy enough for beginners, but difficult to actually split the rock. Listen to the guide’s explanation and learn how to find the hints. You’ll find it’s not necessary to strike so strongly; you can easily split open the rocks – and hopefully discover a small piece of history.

The key is a good eye!  Find the small specs of shiny black, hidden inside the layers of hardened sediment.  Not sure if you found a fossil?  Ask the friendly guide and staff.  They will happily explain what you have discovered. Now, your name will be immortalized as the paleontologist who discovered that fossil! 

This is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  Goggles and tools are provided, but participants should bring a pair of work gloves or purchase some on site.  This activity takes place under a roof to protect you from any kind of weather, and though it’s not particularly difficult, there are benches to relax on should you get tired.

*Please note that if dinosaur fossils or other rare fossils are excavated, they will be stored in the museum as research materials for the museum – but you will be listed as the archeologist who discovered it!

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