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Eiboukan: Travel Information and Modern Meditation

On a tight schedule in Fukui?  Stop by Eiboukan, Eiheiji Town’s cultural exchange center!  Not only can you get great information on the area, but you can enjoy an easy and modern meditation experience!

Enter the small meditation chamber and relax on a thick, comfortable cushion, enveloped in calming darkness.  Here, visitors enjoy a contemporary collaboration of soothing sounds and soft, flowing light, mentally traveling beyond physical limitations.

There is no Buddhist priest chanting or striking your shoulders with a bamboo stick.  Nor is there knee-breaking seiza-style sitting, as is common with traditional zazen meditation experiences.  Just the quiet, harmonious tones and constantly changing imagery that takes you on a journey through space, as you separate yourself from that moment in time. 

Novice nirvana seekers should be warned that while inside the chamber, it is easy to lose track of time – as well as your balance!  Make a short stop along your journey at Eiboukan!