Strolling Around Ono Castle

Explore Ono Castle and the surrounding town with an English speaking guide

Ono Castle

Set in the mountains of central Fukui, Ono City is home to Echizen Ono Castle, which is famously known as “the castle in the sky”, due to low clouds that sometimes cover the mountain it’s built on.  Even if you are unable to witness this spectacular view, there are still many great things to enjoy while exploring the castle and town. Today we will showcase a few of those places.

Echizen Ono Castle is located atop a small mountain in the center of Ono City, and is famous for its beautiful views and autumn colors. You will enjoy brilliant shades of yellow and red as you hike up the trails to the castle.  From the castle, you can see the entire city in a 360 degree panoramic view!


Uchida Noodle Factory

At some point during your walk, you’ll want to visit Uchida Noodle Factory. This popular shop not only provides delicious soba noodles, but you can also step into the back room and see the artisan at work as he mills buckwheat into flour in preparation for noodle making.


The owners of the shop are quite friendly and are happy to show visitors the ins and outs of noodle production. Check out the cleverly designed pottery – but don’t confuse it for real soba noodles. Be sure to pick up a few packages of noodles to cook once you get back home.


COCONO Art Place

The perfect place to take a break from the traditional, and enjoy brightly colored modern art in this traditional building renovated into a museum-café. Vibrant paintings by local artists are on display, and are sure to impress art lovers!  And the drinks and sweets available in the café are sure to impress – and refresh – all who are on the walking tour.


Nanbu Sake Factory

Located on a beautifully stone paved road, this sake factory produces fine spirits made from locally grown rice and Ono city’s famous springwater. Stop in for some tasting and some souvenirs that will be enjoyed by all. Or, if it’s your first time, schedule a tour of the factory and learn about the exciting process of producing Japanese sake.



Meaning “flying squirrel“ in Japanese, MOMONGA Cafe is a stylish cafe located in the center of town. Here, you can enjoy a drink inside, or at one of the tables set outside on the broad sidewalk while you continue to take in the atmosphere of the town.


Ito Junwa Do

From September to April, a local delicacy, the famous kintsuba potato is available for purchase. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity!


Whether or not you’re able to see The “castle in the clouds“, you are sure to enjoy a variety of places you can stop in along your town walk in Ono city. Make arrangements for an English speaking guide to help make your visit even more memorable!