Yume ore Katsuyama

Hataya Memorial Hall Yumeore Katsuyama

Meiji Era textile factory turned museum offers a fun glimpse into history

From factory to museum

Katsuyama City has a long history of textiles.  Yumeore Katsuyama is a living cultural property where visitors can learn about the world of textiles.  Originally an old textile factory, it has been repurposed into a museum for visitors to learn about spinning and weaving machines, and to try some easy, hands-on weaving activities.

The ‘Welcome Zone’ and ‘Museum Zone’ are free areas, and you will find friendly staff on hand to explain the exhibits should you have any questions.  It is easy to admire the cleverly designed machines, such as the threading machine that runs with a simple gravity-powered mechanism, the warping machine, gluing machine, twisting machine, and of course the powered looms.

Seeing the Meiji Era machines spin about as if they were still actually in production gives visitors a peek into the silk manufacturing industry that lasted from 1883 to 1998.  The building itself is aesthetically pleasing, the sturdy wooden trusses and beams stretching across the room add to the atmosphere and tell us that even though modern adjustments have been made to the building, the structure has a rich history.  As the machines turn, a cacophony of squeaking sounds flow throughout the building, heightening the realism as it adds a wonderful soundtrack to the impressive sight of the exhibitions. 

Hands-on experience

Guests can experience hand-weaving with a ‘Takabata Loom’, and for something to take home, there is a coaster-making experience available for a small fee.


Our small group of three had a thrilling time exploring the museum.  My favorite part was looking at the structure of the building itself.  Afterward we returned to the first floor to make hand-woven coasters.

The staff kindly explained how to use the small looms and soon had selected colors and were busy weaving.  Twist, thread, tug.  Reverse.  Twist, thread, tug.  And repeat. I found myself getting into a rhythm.  It was going fairly well, I thought, until I noticed I had been tugging too hard and the coaster was getting narrower in the center.  I ended up with a slightly deformed coaster, but it was unique and so I loved it!  One of the others made an exquisitely colored and perfectly straight present for his wife.  We all had a great time.

Be sure to check out the souvenir shop for a variety of items ranging from fun trinkets to high quality silk scarves and more!  As you explore Katsuyama, you’ll want to spend an hour or two here!  Check out the official website for more information.