Cherry blossoms at “Katsuyama Castle Museum” while looking at the best castle tower in Japan

The Katsuyama Castle Museum is a historical museum that boasts the tallest castle tower-style architecture in Japan, and displays items such as the armor of the feudal lords and textiles from the Edo period. Many cherry trees are planted in the garden around the Katsuyama Castle Museum, so you can enjoy the four seasons while looking at the castle.

The view from the observatory on the top floor is full of privacy.

Enjoy the beautiful rural scenery of Katsuyama while enjoying the cherry blossoms Somei Yoshino.

[Parking/Access] About 13 minutes by car from Katsuyama IC. There is a free parking lot at the Katsuyama Castle Museum. If coming by public transportation, from Echizen Railway “Katsuyama Station”, take the city circulation bus “Gururin Nanbu”, “Heisenji/Inose Reservation Bus”, or “Dinosaur Bus Dynagon”, get off at “Katsuyama Castle Museum” and walk. 3 minutes.