Your senses sharpen as you breathe in the crisp, early morning air.  Fog hovers quietly over the cool waters of Lake Kuzuryu, as if waiting for something, or someone.  Your body tingles with excitement as you step into your kayak, causing small waves to ripple out into the otherwise motionless surface.


As you push off from the shore, the only sounds are your breath and the soft rhythmic murmur of your paddle as you slip each end into the water.  Ahead of you, the lake is like glass, the surface yet undisturbed as you slide quietly through the expansive waterway.

Named after the mythical nine-headed dragon deity, Lake Kuzuryu is surrounded by mountains on all sides, creating a secluded world for adventurous mariners to explore.


First making sure of each participant’s safety, your guide will give you a short lesson on how to steer your kayak.  After a short practice on shore and then in the water, you head across the lake as a group.  You and your kayak partner are free to move as you like as you head across to the other side.  There are, of course, many opportunities to take photos, but kayakers should take care not to drop their phone – the lake is 80 meters deep!!


After reaching the other side, it’s “half-time” and time for a break.  The kayaks gather together to enjoy hearty warm soup, a welcome snack.  Although not difficult, first time kayakers will be surprised at what an energy consuming activity it is.  Sound carries surprisingly well over the water, making it easy for kayakers to chat with others in the group.


Once again, you cross the lake, noticing new things from this opposite angle.  Soon, your launch site comes into view and before you know it, the tour is finished.  But the energizing excitement remains, almost as if the power of the nine-headed dragon deity has blessed you with its power.